Bread is one of the most popular foods all over the world. When it comes to food industry, a lot of big names will be mentioned, and most of them are bread producers. In many countries, breads are considered staple foods, while in many countries breads have different variations. For example Italian breads are different than Spanish bread. While Mexican breads are known for their uniqueness, German breads are world famous for their health quotient. If you are a bread lover, and want to savor it fresh, then you must try baking at home. For that, all you need is having Zojirushi Bread Machine.

A Short Guide to Zojirushi Bread Machines

Zojirushi is a popular brand for bread machine, and in fact it is one of the pioneering manufacturers for producing excellent bread machines. The company has earned good reputation by producing high quality products. If you are looking for bread machines, you would get different products in the marketplace, but Zojirushi is one of the best brands to go for the quality products. In the following section of this article, we shall find reviews on the top Zojirushi bread machines. Check out some of the best products from this manufacturer, and bring home the most suitable bread machine for yourself.

Zojirushi Bread Machine

Top Zojirushi Bread Machines

It has been already said that the company produces top notch products. You can rely on it in terms of quality and durability. All products come with warranty from the manufacturer, and they are priced reasonably. Let us find some review on the best bread machines from this manufacturer:

1. Zojirushi BBCCX20 Home Bakery Supreme Bread Machine

Zojirushi BBCCX20 Home Bakery Supreme Bread Machine is one of the top rated bread machines in the present marketplace. If you want a ‘simple to use’ and ‘easy to operate’ bread machine, then this product would surely live up to your expectation. It comes with some excellent features, which make the process of baking fresh breads flawless, easy and exciting. It comes with automatic controlling features, with tailored options to meet preference of the bakers. Not just bread, this can easily be used for baking cakes, meat loafs, etc.


The product comes with various features, and all features are truly useful. Let us find some of the highlighting features of this product below:

•    This product comes under deluxe bread machine category, featuring all automated controlling options. The best thing is that it has excellent customization options to provide to the users. You decide whether you want dark brown crust on the bread or light brown crust. Alter the options as per your preferences.

•    You do not have to memorize bread making recipes, as this smart device comes with three recipe memory function. Store the best recipes in those functions, and make your bread without any hassles.

•    It comes with 3 level crust controlling option. Whether you want to bake cakes or breads, control the crusts, as you like.

•    It has a specious rectangular loaf pan, which can produce a bread of 2 pounds at a time. It also comes with twin kneading paddles.

•    For novice users, it has an excellent and lucid manual. Even experience bakers would find the manual to be impressive. The package also includes DVD manual, which will digitally guide you on the usage of this machine. DVD manual also contains a few recipes of different mouth littering breads.


Going through the feature of this product definitely hints that buying this product is definitely a good choice. However, for guiding better to the readers, here are some of the major advantages of this product:

•    Automated Features: This machine comes with automated and customizable features. This is why it is easy to use and suitable for the novices too. Anyone can make a loaf of bread with this machine.

•    Good Manual: User manual is nicely crafted to the guide the readers. You will find it lucid and simple to understand. DVD manual is also good.

•    Recipe Memory Function: Recipe Memory Function is a unique feature and that saves a lot of time for the bakers.

•    Durable Product: The product has been manufactured with precision. With its white body, it looks classy, and it has sleek as well as stylish fiber body. Overall, the product feels durable and looks tough.

•    Two Kneading: Two kneading instead of one is another benefit of this product. It makes the process of making breads faster, easier and efficient.

•    Gluten Free: If you have gluten allergy, then make gluten free breads without facing any hassles with this bread machine.


Zojirushi BBCCX20 Home Bakery Supreme Bread Machine is one of the frontline products from Zojirushi. The manufacturer has built this with high end precision. For this reason, the product is trustworthy. It is harsh to throw a criticism at this product. The manufacturer has got everything right with this product. Hence, it can be recommended to buyers.

2. Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Breadmaker

If you are looking for a premium bread machine, then Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Breadmaker is definitely a good option. This is one of the latest products from this manufacturer, and hence it can be expected that the product would be armed with all advanced features. Here are some of the highlighting features of this product for you:

•    It comes with dual blade support, which means you can make your breads with more precision and faster.

•    There are 10 pre-programmed setting for producing soft bread loaf. The pre-setting modes are definitely added advantages for both novice and experience bakers.

•    It also comes with 3 crust shades and one LCD control panel. You can customize the options for baking to manage the bread crusts as per your desire.

•    It further gives you 13 hour delay timer, which is a common feature for all bread machines, and the manufacturer has not missed it.

•    The package includes accessories, like measuring spoon, cups, bread pan, etc. Recipe book is also included.

•    This is a light weighted product and easy to use.

Eyeing on the features will definitely help you to understand that this Zojirushi Bread Machine is one of the best products that are available in the marketplace. Hence, the product is recommended for buyers.